So you know how sometimes over the phone you have to spell out your name or email address? And how normal people are like “Yes, it’s Karen. That’s K as in king, A as in animal, R as in Robert…” You get it.

I am COMPLETELY unable to do this. For me, this is what happens:

"It’s Sarah. That’s S as in snuffleupagus, A as in a, R as in racist, A as in a again… or just as in again, and H as in heir… oh, not air, um, as herb… wait… son of a … why are there no H sounding words?"

With the mere spelling of a straightforward name I’m able to make people feel completely confused and a little offended. It’s a real gift.

  1. pinkseersucker said: I once said S, U, Z as in Xylophone. That was a proud moment.
  2. wafflesninetythree said: I am the exact same way and I have to do this every day at work
  3. meredithbklyn said: i once said B as in Boob to a chinese delivery man. luckily he probs didnt know?
  4. jumpingfeetfirst said: R as in Racist… HAHA
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    I just fell out of my bed laughing while reading this out loud to Lu. Also I’m a teensy (read: VERY) hungover which...
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