Well. She’s finally done it. Just when I thought there was nothing left for Pawley to destroy, she’s begun eating my house.

So, who wants to adopt a part lab, part Glen of Imaal Terrier who, despite thousands of dollars of training, may, in fact, be the most destructive animal to ever live? (And I’m including fictional animals like King Kong and specific animals like the chicken that started the avian flu.) Today she’s on special for free. She even comes with a dog house. But sorry, it’s half chewed through. 

  1. mysocalledttclife said: My Springer Spaniel sued to chew through our wooden doors when it thundered. I feel your pain. Well, my dad felt your pain at least because he was the one resanding and replacing the doors each time.
  2. missydotey said: Feel your pain. Hopps chewed through a wall in our last house.
  3. 63words said: pawley could have a brilliant future in monster movie set design.
  4. my-little-kumquat said: oh pawley!
  5. justtttme said: Oh gurl! Mine is the same way! 4 years old and SO destructive! Entire dog houses, 8 dog beds, 2 couches & 1 mattress…
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