I’m watching an absurd amount of TV these days. Especially for someone whose cable broke like four months ago and never got around to fixing it. Hulu and I have a pretty close relationship. Anyway, I have some thoughts.

Scandal: I’m not going to watch this show anymore. I got sucked in when I lived in DC and wrote about it before it premiered. I had dreams of a West Wing-esque White House drama. Then I thought I’d settle for a thriller set in the capital. Now I’m just sick of pouty-faced Kerry Washington. Plus, there’s not one likable character on the whole show. The only guy who even comes close is literally addicted to murdering people. 

Nashville: Tami Taylor Connie Britton, pulled me into this show. I’ve never liked country music and the premise seemed kind of stupid. But this one is addictive. And next weekend I’m going to Nashville and if I don’t get to go to The Bluebird Cafe I will likely cry. On the other hand, the divorce storyline is getting incredibly depressing. I may bail soon. 

The Mindy Project: Best. Show. On. Television. I love everything about this. Kaling is hilarious. I have various degrees of crushes on Danny Castellano and Jeremy Reed. I snort laughter at Ike Barinholtz. Also—and this has nothing to do with the show—I would move into her apartment tomorrow. It is my home design dream. 

The New Girl: I feel like I have to watch this to keep up with social discourse. It reminds me of Friends in that I go back and forth on a weekly basis over who my favorite character is (between the guys, obviously… Jess feels like just a sort of semi-amusing prop). 

Game of Thrones: Ok, so this isn’t even actually on right now. But I don’t have HBO so I just buy the discs and I’m currently in the middle of season two and holy crap this show is insane. Episodes can be broken down like this: 15% hand over my eyes, 15% trying to figure out what is going on, 25% wondering how they filmed this, 25% being glad I’m not watching this with my parents, 20% literally just repeating WTF while staring at the screen. I’m pretty sure this isn’t how you’re supposed to consume TV, but I love it. 

  1. pinotandthefigs said: The Mindy Project is by far the funniest show on TV. Great list!
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